Dental Implant: How long do dental implants last for tooth replacement?


    Dental Implant: How long do dental implants last for tooth replacement?

    Dental Implant – The best choice for tooth replacement

    Dental implants offer an excellent choice for tooth replacement. Being such an effective procedure, the patients are concerned about, ‘How long dental implant can last?’ Well, there’s not one reason that tells about the viability of dental implants. The factor of lifestyle and hygiene do play an essential part. To better understand everything, you need the expertise of one of the Best Dentist in Punjab to guide you all-effectively.

    However, thanks to modern dentistry, dental implants have improved a lot. Earlier, the problems which were there with the procedure are now well-addressed. The Dentist will guide you about the dental implant working mechanism to ensure it works effectively.

    How much does a dental implant cost?

    On average, the dental implant cost in Punjab is around Rs 20,000. Bear in mind that the cost varies depending on your choice, like Single-tooth implant, full mouth implant, all four implants, and others.

    How much is the life expectancy of dental implants?

    To enjoy the utmost benefit of dental implants, you need to follow good oral hygiene like:

    • Do brushing two times a day
    • Flossing at least once
    • Get dental check-ups from time to time
    • Professional teeth cleaning

    On the other hand, crown life expectancy is around 10 to 15 years, as the normal wear and tear make a difference. That is why dental implants make an appropriate choice.

    Dental implants hold a higher place as compared to other tooth replacement

    Dental implants and other tooth replacement options have a huge difference. Considering the entire situation, dental implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth. Indeed, the procedure is the standard option for tooth replacement.

    Compared to dentures and dental implants, the implants provide support in the form of natural teeth. That’s not all; there’s no need for:

    • Frequent replacement
    • Bite is not affected
    • No chewing issue

    Can a dental implant fail in any situation?

    As mentioned above, dental implants are a permanent solution. The procedure offers long-term and secure sustainability. The only factor is to take the proper care and make sure not to compromise on the maintenance part.

    However, the risk of dental implant failing is higher in cases like:

    • Diabetic patient
    • Pre-existing medical conditions like cancer
    • Poor oral hygiene from the start
    • Gum disease

    And that’s why it’s essential to take the best care of yourself by all possible means.

    Are you thinking of getting a dental implant?

    If you think a dental implant will make an appropriate choice for you, consult the Dentist. The Dentist will analyze your oral health and determine the count of implants you need. The demand is also increasing because of such an effective and permanent solution for tooth replacement.