Doctor Guide: Major Instructions To Follow After Gum Grafting Surgery


    Doctor Guide: Major Instructions To Follow After Gum Grafting Surgery

    There are many reasons to suffer from a gum recession. Some of those causes include injury, illness, age, and eating habits. You can treat your gum graft by grafting healthy gums to the diminishing area in a Dental Clinic in Ludhiana.

    There are many mistaken misconnections about the procedures of gum graft and the involvement of a certain number of teeth. It is expected that the receding gum is more likely to be noticed when the patient has all the teeth. That being said, it could also impact the patient who has dentures and tooth implants.

    As one of the leading dental clinics, we try to present all kinds of treatments, including gum grafting, Tooth Filling in Punjab, braces, alignment of the jaw, and many more. Working to provide better oral hygiene and dental care among the people, we offer some tips to follow right after the gum grafting surgery.

    Tips To follow After Gum Grafting Surgery

    • Keeps your lips zipped

    The 1st tip is to keep your mouth closed. Right after the gum grafting procedure, the dentist would instruct you to keep the gauze in place for about 40-50 minutes. This is done because you might have tender gum, and to reduce the risk of bleeding, the doctor would suggest that. You are also to refrain from talking.

    You are to wait for at least 2-3 days after the surgery, or till your dentist says otherwise from talking or chatting until it is extremely important. You can use a whiteboard and communicate if you have to.

    • Do not let your tongue wander.

    After undergoing any kind of oral surgery, it is necessary that you follow all the instructions set by the dentist. One such rule is not to let your tongue wander to the affected area. It is quite natural to explore the affected place with your tongue, but you have to restrict yourself from that temptation. If you prod or poke the gum graft with your tongue, it is most likely to displace the gauze, cause breakage of the stitch, or some other complication. Always follow the regulation given by the dentist to minimize the pain, and keep your mouth as relaxed as possible. This step would ensure you have a fast recovery and better result.

    • You can use ice if it is swollen.

    With any kind of physical trauma, it is pretty normal to have inflammation and swelling. It could be reduced if you apply some ice packs on the affected area, jaw, or lips. Ice is an excellent conductor to minimize swelling and inflammation, which ultimately results in reducing pain.

    Hold the ice packs for approximately 10 to 20 minutes once at a time before you decide to give a break to the mouth in between the process. Your dentist might also suggest you intake some over-the-counter medicines or pain management to reduce the discomfort. Such medications include ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

    Final Comments

    Treat your oral conditions at Ludhiana Dental Center because we work on delivering the best service. We believe in the motto of “better teeth, better health.”