Dental Problem: Everything you need to know about the tooth abscess


    Dental Problem: Everything you need to know about the tooth abscess

    Dental abscess or tooth abscess is a dental health issue that leads to pus buildup formed inside the gums or teeth. It occurs due to the bacterial infection that begins to get collected in the tooth’s soft pulp. Over time, it gets stuck to the teeth and damages the gums. The plaque must be removed on time, and along with that, you need to do enough flossing and brushing. If you notice such an issue, you must consult one of the best Dental Clinic in Ludhiana to get yourself the right treatment plan.

    What are the symptoms of a tooth abscess?

    Here are the most common signs and symptoms of tooth abscess, which tells that you need immediate dental treatment:

    • Pain in the affected area when biting or when touching the affected area
    • Sensitivity to cold or hot food and liquids
    • A foul taste in the mouth
    • Fever
    • A generally unwell feeling
    • Difficulties opening the mouth
    • Swallowing difficulties
    • Insomnia

    One of the common symptoms is pain which is often referred to as throbbing and gets worse with time. In most cases, the pain occurs suddenly, and it gets intense within the next few hours & days. There are even chances that pain can reach the jawbone, ear, and neck.

    Are you in need of Tooth Filling in Punjab?

    Ensure that you consult one of the best dentists in Punjab to effectively get the procedure of tooth filling and even get the proper filling depending on what suits your condition.

    What are the types of dental abscesses?

    The three main types of dental abscess are:

    • Gingival abscess

    The abscess is present in the gum tissue, and it will not affect the tooth.

    • Periodontal abscess

    The abscess starts in the bone tissue structure supported by the teeth.

    • Periapical abscess

    The abscess is going to occur in the tooth’s soft pulp.

    Depending on the type you have, the symptoms might vary.

    What are the treatment options for dental abscesses?

    Surgery is even necessary in some cases, depending on how severe the issue is. Just make sure that you consult the dentist as early as possible so that if there is a significant issue, it comes to light on time. Initially, the dentist can suggest that you take some medications. Additionally, follow the right kind of dental care regime and check if the pain worsens. If the pain is unbearable, you need to consult the dentist at the earliest.

    Additional information

    There are a few crucial measures that you can take to help get relief from pain like:

    • It would help if you never flossed around the affected area
    • It’s better that you chew from the side of the mouth that is not affected by the abscess
    • Make sure always to use a soft toothbrush
    • Do not have drinks and food that are very cold or hot

    Do not let your tooth abscess get untreated

    Schedule your initial consultation at Ludhiana Dental Centre to get a personalized approach for managing this condition.