Frequently asked questions about – Dentistry, Types of dentists & treatment


    Frequently asked questions about – Dentistry, Types of dentists & treatment

    When dental health is concerned, people have so many questions running in their mind for which they are finding the appropriate answer. But there are a variety of answers to a single question, so the readers get confused about which answer to rely on. For this reason, we have put an effort to get you acquainted with the accurate answers to the dental questions. These questions are answered by the proficient and reputed dentist in Ludhiana that has years of experience serving in a reputed dental clinic in Ludhiana which is very recognized and is known as the Ludhiana dental clinic.

    • What is the meaning of the term dentistry?

    Dentistry is a vast term that is used to denote all the aspects which are included in the dental field like treatment, diagnosis and the listing of preventions and precautions of the various dental disorders.

    • Who is known as a dentist?

    Is he the only one who is responsible to carry out all the dentistry activities?

    A dentist is also a doctor who particularly specializes in treating dental disorders. He should have the required qualification, training and years of experiences to target the patients by taking into account various procedures.

    No dentists are of various types. As already mentioned that the dental field is a vast field that includes a variety of treatment procedures of different poets of the mouth. For each part of the mouth, there is a particular specialization and on account of that, the dentists have been classified into the following mentioned categories:

    • Endodontics
    • Periodontics
    • Oral Surgeon
    • Prosthodontics
    • dentofacial orthopaedics


    • How indispensable is it to visit a dentist?
    • It is very important to visit a dentist not only when you are facing a dental problem but at regular intervals to ensure good dental health.
    • If one does not visit a doctor regularly, then it is quite evident that someday or the other, he or she will face dental problems of some type.
    • To make sure that tartar buildup does not arise in the mouth, a visit to a doctor is necessary to eliminate the buildup at the starting and help you to prevent the forthcoming problems of tooth decay and cavities.
    • Should children also be made to visit the dentist?

    Yes, of course, the children should also be made to regularly visit the dentist so that they can never encounter any dental problem. Because children are more prone to get afflicted with dental disease.

    • Why should I visit the dentist before the wedding?

    Weddings are the time when the bride and groom are allowed to flaunt their beautiful smiles. But what if there are stains on your teeth. So to ensure a beautiful smile that does not make any stain or yellowishness appear, the dentists usually perform the teeth whitening and the stain removal procedure before the wedding.