Everything About Gummy Smile that you must know


    Everything About Gummy Smile that you must know

    The gummy teeth smile is the problem when you smile it starts showing more gum tissues above the upper teeth. There are different factors which can trigger this condition. If you are also suffering from the same problem then read the given topic carefully, we have mentioned everything in detail.

    The optimal smile should reveal the gum tissues in the least amount. Gums need to be balanced in the smile line and they need to be in contour with the upper lip. At times, people with a gummy smile do not feel best about their smile and they hesitate to smile in public. Often, gummy smiles are linked with genetics and they are common in women as compared to men.

    Several factors determine this include:

    • Lips Shape and size
    • Teeth shape and size
    • The facial muscles
    • The gum tissue

    What are the causes of a gummy smile?

      • A gummy smile is caused when upper jawbone growth and development is not proper.
      • The upper lip is very short.
      • In comparison to the gums teeth are very small because of genetics or wear.
    • Excessive gum tissue covers the teeth even though there length is perfect because they get covered with gum tissue.
    • Upper teeth can start showing more because of the high hip line along with gum tissues.

    A gummy smile can leave a negative effect on the smile. But, the good news is that it can be corrected by the dentist. At our dental clinic, the doctor is educating patients about its treatment options.

    Treatment for gummy smile

    • The teeth can appear longer with crowns or veneers which helps in improving the tooth-to-gum ratio. At our clinic, people are opting for smile makeovers.
    • In case, the gum display is because of jaws or teeth then it can be fixed in the correct position by orthodontics. Due to this, the gums appear very less.
    • For removing the excess gum tissue Gingivectomy can be done. In this method, extra gum tissues are removed and reshaped. This method helps in improving smile aesthetics.
    • Along with orthodontic treatment lip, repositioning surgery can be performed. This option is an alternative for jaw surgery if short upper lip or hyperactive is the reason for excessive gum display.
    • Extra gum tissue can also be removed with the procedure of laser gum contouring procedure.
    • If the teeth do not erupt properly surgery of crown-lengthening is done in which removal of excess gum tissue is done. Surgical sculpting is done which help in creating a gum line which is even and smile looks more natural.

    If you are facing the same problem then get help from the doctor and their dental care tips can also help you get better oral hygiene.