Enlist the 5 common myths about the root canal treatment


    Enlist the 5 common myths about the root canal treatment

    Root canal treatment: Seek proper understanding

    Have you been told to undergo root canal treatment? It’s obvious that you can have different concerns on your mind. But, remember not all of them are true or right. It’s pretty obvious that dental services have been misunderstood a lot in the past. And there are a few scenarios where it’s still happening. And that’s the reason it’s essential that you consult one of the Best Dentist in Ludhiana to enlighten yourself with accurate information.

    Busting myths about root canal treatment

    Myth 1: Root canal therapy leads to excess pain

    Fact: With the root canal treatment in Ludhiana the methodology has advanced and gotten a lot better with time. The root canal therapy aim is to lessen the pain. The dentist performs the procedure to address the cavity that’s present in the tooth pulp causing further infection.

    When the dentist performs the procedure he numbs the infected area. That means you won’t feel any sort of pain. After the procedure, there’s a possibility of slight discomfort.

    Myth 2: Root canal treatment means several appointments

    Fact: NO! It’s important to not believe in everything that you hear. Root canal therapy does not require you to undergo more than 1 or 2 appointments. There are different factors that helps to analyze the total count of root canal appointment you need:

    • How much is the infected area?
    • Is it difficult to perform the root canal?

    The dentist’s aim is to help the tooth function get better and restore its health. But, yes it’s essential that you don’t neglect the total count of appointments that your root canal procedure requires.

    Myth 3: Root canal is not pocket-friendly, I cannot afford it

    Fact: If you think to skip the root canal just because of the cost then you are wrong. It’s important to understand that the root canal and dental crown are pocket-friendly instead of dental implants or bridges. You should focus on addressing the problem instead of the cost. Because if you avoid it will only make your condition worse.

    Myth 4: Root canal results are temporary

    Fact: Root canal results last for a long time. The treatment aims to offer relief against toothache and help to preserve the problematic tooth. So, the final results of the procedure are just worth it.

    Myth 5: Instead of root canal it’s best to get tooth extraction

    Fact: You might think your time and money will be wasted with root canal, but that’s not the case. If you think of tooth extraction then bear in mind it’s a more extensive procedure and even costly. The overall impact at times is difficult to handle, therefore you should get yourself the root canal treatment.

    Do you have any doubts?

    If you think you are a suitable candidate to undergo the treatment then consult the expert dentist at Ludhiana Dental Centre.