Effect Of Sugary Drinks On Teeth


    Effect Of Sugary Drinks On Teeth

    As a kid we all had liked eating sugars and even adults like it. But, this is also true that sugary food can lead to cavities and affect the teeth. Additionally, sugary drinks also cause a lot of issues. In this, the guide we are going to discuss the effect of sugary drinks on the teeth and what else you should keep in mind.

    No doubt we all love to eat candies, cookies, and other sugary items. In the same way, some drinks also contain sugar in excess which can affect the teeth in the wrong way. Especially in kids diet, the top source of sugary drinks. Drinks like sodas, fitness water, fruit juice, and sports drinks. Here we are going to discuss how sugary drink affects the teeth.

    Which the best drink for kids?

    The best option for teens and children is water and milk. It would be best if you avoid sports drinks, soda, and fruit juice. In case, you are looking for sugary flavor then add crystal light mix as it contains harmful sugar and in the water, you can get a hint of flavor.

    Which is the drink the kids should not have?

    Here are some drinks which your kids should not consume like red bull, sprite, orange juice, Gatorade, coca-cola classic, minute maid lemonade, and Sunkist orange soda.

    How teeth are affected by the consumption of sugar?

    In about 20 seconds the sugar is converted to acid. In a very short amount of time, the sugar from the milk and drink on the child’s teeth is converted into acid and it starts attacking the enamel. Over time, the acid affects the teeth even more and it can lead to forming cavities. The teen and kids face this issue more because the enamel is not developed properly and also less resistant to acid. It would be best that you visit the best dentist. You should visit our dental clinic and consult the doctor about the issue you are having.

    Is it okay to drink diet soda?

    Diet soda is not as harmful as regular soda but they are high in acid. Drinking acidic beverages like sports drinks, orange juice, lemonade, regular and diet soda effect start immediately and for 20 minutes it continues. The 20-minute attack starts again when you take a sip.

    Drink recommendation for kids and adults

    For kids

    • Drink water between meals only.
    • Limit the consumption of milk and juice while having meal only. The juice should be consumed only 4 ounces per day. 
    • Sports drinks and regular soda should not be consumed by young children.

    For adults

    • Do not consume soda more than 12 ounces per day.
    • Use a straw so that sugar does not affect the teeth.
    • Drink eight glasses of water every day.
    • To clean the mouth and increase saliva production chew sugar-free gum.