Does Dental Treatment Come Under Any Insurance Plans?


    Does Dental Treatment Come Under Any Insurance Plans?

    No doubt, cosmetic dentistry is becoming quite a rage among many people, but still many people do question its authenticity, and many are not sure whether it will work for them or not. Basically, peoples minds are filled with unending questions and doubts. Many people fell the connection between artificial smiles, many have this embedded in their head that if they go to a dentist for a simple thing like a chipped tooth, that also will come under the cosmetic surgery. Let’s have a clear understanding of cosmetic dentistry.

    Cosmetic Dentistry

    The meaning of cosmetic dentistry is using dental treatments along with another related process for enhancing the looks of teeth and mouth. Cosmetic dentistry is all about looking good rather than for health-related issues. Some methods can surely cure an ongoing health problem, along with working on the looks. Some methods can help in improving the balance, colour, shape of teeth.

    Which Methods Are Used?

    • Bonding

    Bonding on teeth means to repair the damaged teeth/ tooth and also to build the sharp edges of curved teeth, and also in making them straight. Dentist use a material in cavities, but the material is mostly visible to naked eyes, hence, many insurance companies do not take it as part of the coverage area. This forms a part of non – cosmetic methods.

    • Whitening Or Bleaching Of Teeth

    This is meant for patients who wish to have a shiny and brighter whiter smile. This minimises staining to a large extent, along with discolouration. The options for whitening teeth range from, bleaching, toothpaste, gels, etc.

    • Orthodontics

    Generally, the word orthodontics means using braces so that the smile gets more attractive, this happens when teeth start growing straight. The different types of braces available are – metal ones, ceramic ones and lot many of them.

    Metal braces being the most common ones, it takes about 4 years of time to finish the treatment. Metal braces get fixed to teeth with an orthodontic arch-wire, which is connected to them and rubber bands which hold the wire, where they should be. Invisible braces are taking new place, it is a system allowing for teeth to remain straight without an ugly look of metal in the mouth. Braces keep the teeth straight and also get the smile you always dreamed of having. But, is a misconception among many that it is a cosmetic surgery. Crooked teeth interfere with person bite, many times leading to cheek biting and other dental problems, if not treated properly.