Why Should You Opt For A Dentist To Perform Teeth Whitening Process?


    Why Should You Opt For A Dentist To Perform Teeth Whitening Process?

    Who does not want to have bright and white teeth highlighting the beauty of your smile?

    It also helps them to get high confidence and self-esteem, helping them pick all the opportunities for social, professional, or personal life.

    However, most people choose to use some home remedies or products at home to attain teeth whitening Ludhiana.

    Even though it is cost-effective, you would not get the desired result that you might get from the professional help at the dental clinic in Punjab with less risk.

    Before you make up your mind about your teeth whitening service, it is necessary to gather all the information on why you should choose a dentist’s help rather than do it yourself at home. 

    Why Should You Select Dentist Help For Teeth Whitening?

    • You will get the fast result in an hour.

    Under the guidance of the Best Dentist, you can achieve teeth whitening within an hour at max.

    Both in-home and dentist office solutions contain hydrogen peroxide; they are basically a bleaching agent.

    The dentist’s office solution usually contains 15 to 43 % of hydrogen peroxide in them, whereas the in-home solution only contains 3 to 20 % of hydrogen peroxide. It is the main ingredient of bleaching agents that helps the patient to gain whiter teeth. So the higher the number, the longer and faster the result will be.

    To top it off, apart from the content of peroxide, the dentist also uses light or heat further to speed up the whole process of teeth whitening. It is a perfect way to intensify the teeth whitening results.

    Whereas teeth whitening at home might take weeks, even months in some cases, to attain that level of whiteness. With experts’ help, your teeth will get 2 to 8 shades lighter, giving you a brighter and more magnificent smile within an hour.

    • It has less risk of tooth sensitivity and damage.

    After you have undergone a teeth whitening procedure, it is very common to experience tooth sensitivity or gum irritation. However, if you leave the whitening gel on the teeth for too long, there is a chance of dehydration, which might lead to sensitivity.

    And in case the hydrogen peroxide gets inside your gums, then there is a good chance that it can create irritation and pain while you consume specific food items. To top it off, you will also not get the desired outcome. In short, it will waste money, time, and so much pain.

    This is the reason why it is not safe to use teeth whitening products at home under no supervision. We highly recommend you visit a dentist’s clinic and seek professional help to avoid such a risky situation. It will be better to go big at once and select the professional service in order to achieve the required look in one way without any doubts or risks attached to it.

    A professional who is qualified enough knows the proper technique, which helps them avoid damaging the teeth in the procedure. 

    In Conclusion