Causes of Sensitive Teeth You Don’t Know About


    Causes of Sensitive Teeth You Don’t Know About

    Many people suffer from the issue of tooth sensitivity which can affect their life because of the pain involved with this. But at times, we do not know why it happens. In this guide, we have mentioned the causes of tooth sensitivity which you might not even know can lead to problems.

    Tooth sensitivity is one issue which affects people of different age group between 18 to 44. The problem can lead to receding gums and many other issues in which you need to visit the dental clinic to get the treatment.

    There are many things which can lead to this situation like loss of the protective layer over the dentin. The dentist will do an oral examination to find the cause of the problem. Well, we have mentioned some of the main culprits of tooth sensitivity:

    • Diet

    What you eat affects the teeth is a good and negative way. If you eat acidic food or any type of hard food it affects the teeth. Tooth sensitivity can trigger more because of sports drinks, juices, and citrus fruits

    • Chewing ice

    Some people have the habit of chewing ice and if you are one of them, then you will surely experience this problem. The problem occurs because the enamel of the teeth can get cracked and it can grind with time

    • Brushing too hard

    The way you brush also affect the teeth. Make sure you are using the right technique and it should not be too hard as it can lead to tooth sensitivity.

    • Tooth Decay

    In some cases, even if there is tooth decay in small amounts it can expose the dentin and can lead to tooth sensitivity. In this case, the crown, or filling can solve the issue.

    • Problems affecting the gums

    Pocket reduction surgery, toothbrush abrasion, excessive flossing, gum disease, prep work, and prep work for a crown can lead to this problem. Also, the gums start receding with age which can increase the sensitivity even more.

    • Pregnancy

    Although it does not cause problems directly when the hormones change it can affect the gums which can lead to pain and discomfort.

    • Cold weather

    According to some research cold air flowing can also trigger the issue of sensitivity. The doctor will tell sensitivity by blowing air on the teeth. Make sure if you are facing problem then follow the dental tips given by the doctor.

    • Stress

    In some cases, stress can also lead to a problem if you grind the teeth which can lead to sensitivity. This occurs when you are sleeping and you might not even know you are doing it.

    If you are dealing with any of the cases then you should visit pour dental clinic to get the best treatment plan for your problem.