Why is acute facial swelling a concern? Why does it need dentist assistance?


    Why is acute facial swelling a concern? Why does it need dentist assistance?

    Have you ever heard about facial infections?

    The facial infection is the reason for tooth infection or its nearby area. In medical terms, it is referred to as odontogenic origin. Such a condition is likely to have several causes like dental caries, a deep restoration that reaches the pulp, infected pulps, which leads to a periodontal abscess, and many other issues. Getting it complicated or severe is higher when immediate medical assistance is not taken. Such a situation is likely to result in deep fascial space infection. Here, the biggest concern is visiting one of the leading Dental Clinic in Ludhiana and getting the proper medical assistance to address the different factors.

    On the other hand, acute facial swelling might not have an odontology factor in some cases. The dentist will suggest you get a cursory intraoral examination to check oral mucosa & check whether it’s in normal teeth range. Such cases are better treated when the appropriate care is taken, and dental consultation is not missed for a long time.

    Patient story with acute facial swelling

    One patient named Rita consulted one of the Best Dentist in Punjab to get a daily dental checkup, and she wanted to have a dental cleaning. Her initial concern was to address the infected loose teeth, which started to result in pain, and even swelling was there. The dentist even suggested getting the oral amoxicillin at least three times a day.

    But her condition was worse, and further treatment included addressing the sinus infection. By this time, the swelling was addressed, but it was making it difficult to manage everything due to discomfort.

    Further need of Oral Examination

    Although her overall well-being was fine, there were no signs of extra-oral swelling, induration, trismus, and asymmetry. But, there was some anxiety due to the distress of having the entire condition.

    Treatment plan to address acute facial swelling

    Initially, tooth extraction was suggested to eliminate the tooth effectively and reduce the chances of having re-infection. Doing so helps the teeth to erupt the way it needs to. Furthermore, cosmetic reshaping was made a part of the plan to address the desired issue effectively. Moreover, the treatment was done by giving local anesthesia. The patient was even asked to visit the dental clinic for further follow-up checkups every six months. Doing so will help get the condition analyzed effectively and keep a better check over the dental regime.

    Immediate medical attention is all important

    If you have acute facial swelling, then consulting the dentist is all-important. Do not delay the treatment plan; otherwise, it will make the condition severe.

    Do you have any dental issues?

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