What is the relation between trigeminal neuralgia and severe tooth pain?


    What is the relation between trigeminal neuralgia and severe tooth pain?

    Are you the one who has been avoiding the dentist despite having chronic tooth pain? Well, you may want to reconsider your decision now. However, abscess Cavities can be the underlying reason for Jaw and tooth pain. These are some of the symptoms that can also relate to a more severe nerve disorder which is also known as trigeminal neuralgia.

    But treatment in the Best Neuro Hospital in Punjab Will helps you overcome such issues easily.

    Apart from that, you would also require a dental checkup from the best dentist in Ludhiana for tooth pain. In case your Oral health is stable, you would need a follow-up evaluation to identify the exact cause. 

    The relation between trigeminal neuralgia and tooth pain

    Trigeminal neuralgia Is basically a chronic pain problem that leads to dysfunction in your nervous system. It specifically happens in the trigeminal nerve. These nerves help provide sensation to your face and then further send signals to your brain. This allows you to recognize Temperature changes, touch, and the like.

    The most common cause of trigeminal nerve dysfunction generally happens because of unnecessary pressure on the nerve from the surrounding blood vessels. If the nerve is irritated, you might experience specific pain attacks anywhere on your face. However, they are usually short-lasting in the early stages. Getting the proper treatment in the early stage might help you get rid of it. You might also need dental implants in such cases.

    The pain of trigeminal neuralgia

    Most of the time, people describe the pain as being shock-like or jolting. The most common place where you might experience this type of pain is teeth and Jaw. However, you might also Notice this condition sends a nerve of pain through your lip, cheeks, and gum.

    Many people with this condition notice that it worsens with time, and even the slightest touch can trigger enormous amounts of pain. To top it off, brushing your teeth and even wiping away stray eyelashes Lead up to severe pain that limits you for weeks and months physically. 

    Risks factor of trigeminal neuralgia

    If you are getting older, especially after the age of 50, then you may be at higher risk of Trigeminal neuralgia. You are also more likely to develop this condition if you have an underlying medical condition that is untreated. Some of those medical conditions include multiple sclerosis, which damages your nerves.

    If you are noticing the facial pain to be more intense that it interferes with your day-to-day life and activity. Then you must not hesitate to get the neurological diagnostic testing in order to confirm the exact cost. After the examination, the doctor would be able to give you a treatment plan that will focus on both preventing the new attacks and relaxing the existing pain. 

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