How long can the dental cavity be left untreated from getting worse?


    How long can the dental cavity be left untreated from getting worse?


    If you have a cavity, then you might be wondering when you need to get the treatment. You are confused about whether it might get worse or whether the condition will improve. The cavity is a tiny hole that increases with time. The problem occurs due to acid production which affects the tooth-protective enamel. As the enamel is removed the tooth will gradually hit the nerves and blood vessel. It is better that you visit the best dentist in Ludhiana so that the condition does not get worse.

    What are the steps to take to prevent the condition from getting worse?

    • Brush your teeth without negligence

    Brush your teeth to take the right care of them. Even though you have a cavity, you need to brush at least 2 times a day to prevent cavity formation. By doing so, the food particles will be removed effectively. Although brushing will not eliminate the cavity from growing. But if you miss out on brushing then the pain increases and the cavity will reach the pulp. Ultimately, you need to undergo root canal treatment.

    • Keep yourself hydrated

    If your mouth is dry then it gives space to bacteria which is the reason for cavity formation. In that case, you need to drink water in excess so that it keeps the mouth moist. Additionally, it will prevent the cavities from forming.

    • Include fluoride in your oral care routine

    Fluoride treatment is of great benefit to prevent bacteria from forming. Moreover, it helps in making the teeth strong and they are highly effective against cavities. When the fluoride treatment is applied on the right stage it will prevent it from getting worse and the cavity is removed on time.

    • Rinse with saltwater

    Saltwater is filled with antiseptic properties. Be it infection or wound, saltwater will be helpful. Moreover, it can even destroy the presence of bacteria which can lead to cavities. It is better to use salt water as early as possible to prevent the condition from getting worse.

    • Cut back on refined sugar

    When the cavity is exposed to acid, the problem is going to get worse. Make sure that you avoid or limit the consumption of sugary food or sugar beverages. If you do so, then it will increase the chances of acid-generating bacteria in the mouth. After you have had something sugary you should rinse your mouth with water. If you have toothpaste around you, then it is better to brush the teeth. Following such small things will make a lot of difference in your oral health.

    • Xylitol Gum

    Xylitol gum will help your mouth in a great way. It is natural alcohol that helps in destroying bacteria and helps to fight against infection. It is better that you eat them after having snacks and this way the cavity formation is prevented. Although if you already have a cavity, the gum is not going to reverse the condition.

    Follow these preventive measures and visit the dentist as early as possible to take the right steps.