For the treatment of which dental problems, one should visit a dentist?


    For the treatment of which dental problems, one should visit a dentist?

    There are many dental problems for which we are needed to get consulted with a dentist in Ludhiana. There is a dental clinic in Ludhiana which is popular by the name of ‘Ludhiana Dental’ which aims at treating the following problems of the individuals.

    • Tooth decay

    Tooth decay is a condition in which the bacteria forms the plaque which aims at damaging the preventive layer of the teeth and that is enamel. The result of tooth decay always come in the form of the:

    • Cavities

    • Extreme pain in the tooth

    • Sensitive teeth

    Sensitive teeth are the condition when your teeth cannot endure too cold or too hot a taste. It is because your teeth have become sensitive. The sensitivity is brought about by tearing away or wearing out the outside layer of the teeth which prevents the edible items from interacting directly with the teeth.

    • Receding Gums

    Receding gums is a problem in which the tissue which is accountable for surrounding the teeth wears off and is creating a pocket for the bacteria to get built up and cause some serious dental problems. Following are the reasons for the receding gums:

    • Not keeping proper dental hygiene

    • Brushing too hard

    • Escalate levels of blood pressure

    • Perpetual smoking

    • Gum disease

    The less aggravated gum disease which comes in the form of gingivitis is associated with reddening of the gums in a way that they are likely to get bled frequently. Therefore, it is required to get a professional cleaning because if this gingivitis is not treated earlier then it would lead to the serious problem of periodontitis.

    • Diabetic-oriented-problems

    The patients who are suffering from diabetes are more likely to get afflicted with the problem of the gums. The escalated levels of blood sugar can be harmful to your heart as well because the bacteria which is brought about by the teeth can reach the heart and cause serious heart problems.

    • Bad breath

    Bad breath is a problem that does not only make your mouth afflicted but is responsible to make you feel embarrassed in front of the individual.

    • Dry mouth and throat

    If you are constantly feeling dryness in your mouth and the throat, then the following reasons can be held accountable for this:

    • Intake of certain medications

    • Nerve damage

    • Cancer treatment

    • Salivary gland diseases

    • HIV/AIDS and Diabetes

    • Teeth grinding

    If you are in the habit of grinding your teeth in the night, then it is advised to consult with your dentist because someday you may end up damaging your teeth. Your dentist may help you with the mouth guard. But your dentist would suggest the consultation with the primary health care doctor as well to check out if it is the symptom of stress or not.

    Did you know?

    Tooth infection is known to increase the risk of having hair fall or alopecia areata. The problem occurs due to tooth infection when white blood cells try to fight the infection. However, sometimes it can affect the hair follicles, which leads to follicle disruption and problems with hair growth. In many cases, the problem gets back to normal once the tooth heals. 

    If that does not happen, you should consult a board-certified hair doctor. The doctor will do a proper hair diagnosis and evaluation, and based on the same, you are informed about the Hair Transplant in Ludhiana. The treatment makes an effective choice regarding natural and permanent-looking hair growth. 


    If you are suffering from any of the above-mentioned problems, then you are advised to visit the expert dentist of Ludhiana Dental Clinic because the early consultation will prevent the aggravation of the problem.