Dental Hygiene – A Precursor to Good Health


    Dental Hygiene – A Precursor to Good Health

    Care for your Precious 32

    Many people are just too engrossed and tired in their daily activities that they find it a daunting task to take care of their teeth at the end of the day. They crash in their bed for a nice nap without even sparing a thought for their teeth. If you are among one of them, you are in for certain trouble. Emergency dental treatments can’t replace the daily routine which is recommended worldwide. A dental routine essentially reinforces the good old brushing twice a day. It should be followed up by flossing and use of mouthwash. A build-up of tartar and cavities also wreaks havoc on your health, time and money.

    Advantages of brushing

    Apart from lending you a fresh breath, regular brushing influences us in other ways as well.

    It prevents the onslaught of gum disease. Brushing regularly inhibits the growth of plague which, if left unchecked, can cause gingivitis (a serious gum disease).

    Heart Health

    It is a lesser known but a true fact that bacteria built up in the mouth can trigger cholesterol build up once it travels through the bloodstream. So poor dental health can cause a heart attack. Isn’t it strange yet a dangerous fact?

    Brain degeneration

    Research suggests that people who have poor gum health are 40% more likely to develop dementia than the people who have good gum health. Once dementia sets in, the brain degenerates beyond repair.

    The unborn baby

    A pregnant mother with poor dental health is likely to pass the germs on to her unborn baby through her bloodstream. This can trigger a premature delivery which might prove fatal for the fetus. It may also lead to a low birth weight of the baby.

    The ideal dental care routine

    As discussed above, dental care should be considered as a crucial part of the daily routine so as to avert medical complications later on. We already know the poor dental health can lead to various conditions which might prove dangerous to our lives.

    The ideal dental care routine consists of

    1. Brushing twice a day
    2. Regular flossing
    3. Use of mouth rinse
    4. Chew sugar-free gums regularly
    5. Regular dental check up

    Dental checkups prevent a build-up of tartar. Dentists also offer many other services like whitening treatments. It is advisable to go in for whitening treatments with the dentists rather than use the whitening creams at home. If you undertake the treatment, follow it up with regular dental care so that you save on your money, stress and time. Such a step will also prevent you from requiring painful treatments later on.