Dental diseases caused by tobacco usage?


    Dental diseases caused by tobacco usage?

    We all keep getting negative feedback about smoking. Of course, we all know that it has a detrimental effect on our overall health. But did you know that the tobacco stick is responsible for poor dental health as well? And, no, you can’t blame the cigarettes alone. All forms of tobacco, like cigars, hookah water pipes, smokeless tobacco, are known to cause major dental problems. Of course, you will have to visit a dental clinic for any kind of dental problem. You should stay away from tobacco if you want to be in good dental ( and overall ) health.

    Dental Problems From Tobacco Use

    Oral cancer –The deadly form of cancer which often goes undiagnosed has the habit of progressing very fast and proving fatal for the person. To prevent it, visit a dentist and get an oral checkup done regularly.

    Gum disease -Smokers are at an increased risk of getting gum disease which leads to teeth loss in adults. The gum disease is caused due to an imbalance in oral bacteria. Smoking slows down the healing process in the body and the mouth is no exception. Smokers take a long time to heal after oral surgery procedures.

    Sensitivity -Smoking causes damage to the gum tissue and gives rise to receding gums. This leads to exposure of the roots of the teeth. The exposure leads to an increase in the risk of tooth decay. It also causes hot/cold sensitivity as the sensitive nerve endings lie exposed.

    Additional risks :

    Bad breath –As there is a  bacterial imbalance in the mouth, the smokers usually suffer from bad breath. 

    Stains on teeth –Smoking causes stains on the teeth that are not possible to remove with regular brushing. Smoking also causes tooth discoloration.

    Tartar Build up –Smoking encourages the build-up of tartar which requires frequent dental cleanings. If the cleaning is overlooked, then you will increase your risk of getting gingivitis or gum disease.

    Cigarettes and Cigars

    Cigarettes and cigars are known to contain various cancer-causing toxins. Some people believe that not inhaling will decrease the risk of dental problems but it is a misconception.

    Smokeless Tobacco

    We tend to think that smokeless tobacco products are less harmful but the truth is that they have more nicotine content than cigarettes. Smokeless tobacco products too contain a large amount of cancer-causing chemicals.

    Hookah Water Pipes

    Hookah waterpipe smoking has become a trend in modern times. However, they are as harmful as smoking other tobacco products. Only a few people know that the water in the pipes does not filter the harmful toxins and it might be a causative factor for some dental diseases.