What Is Root Canal Treatment And How Does The Dentist Conduct It?


    What Is Root Canal Treatment And How Does The Dentist Conduct It?

    What Is Root Canal Treatment?

    The experts use root canal as a term that defines the natural cavity that happens within the center of your tooth.

    Did you know that the nerves of the tooth lie in the root canal? Hence if there is any kind of damage in the pulp of the tooth or the nerve tissue, then there is a good chance that it might break down. This will result in the multiplication of bacteria in the pulp chamber.

    If there is a presence of bacteria and decayed debris, then it might lead to tooth infection. Apart from that, it can also cause swelling that sometimes spreads to some other parts, such as the face, neck, or head. In case you are experiencing tooth discoloration, pain, a feeling of tenderness in your lymph nodes, and swelling. Then you must not hesitate to visit a Dentist in Ludhiana for proper root canal treatment.

    The dentist performs the root canal to repair or even save an infected tooth that has been badly damaged. You can carry out this procedure by removing the area of the tooth that is typically damaged. The experts also call it pulp. Before the dentist fills the area again, they clean, disinfect, and seal it.

    The number of visits the dentist will comprise for the root canal, along with the RCT cost in Ludhiana, will solely depend on the severity of the conditions.

    What Is The Procedure Of Root Canal?

    These are the procedures that the dentist follows to conduct a successful root canal procedure without any difficulty.

    1. In the beginning, you would have to undergo an X-ray so that the dentist could evaluate and locate the positions of the infected tooth. After they can locate it, the dentist will give the patient some local anesthesia in order to numb the area surrounding that particular tooth.
    2. The dentist will proceed to put a rubber sheet around the affected tooth in order to make sure that the area is dry.
    3. They will proceed to make a hole in your tooth. This will allow them to remove any debris and the decayed nerve tissues. They use suitable files to scrape away the decayed portion in this method. The professional will use water or sodium hypochlorite periodically to flush out the debris.
    4. After the dentist thoroughly cleans the tooth, they will seal the area. If there is any infection, the expert might even apply some medications on the border to heal it before they seal the tooth.
    5. Suppose the dentist cannot treat the remaining part, which is left incomplete. In that case, they will temporarily fill your tooth’s exterior hole to keep away the saliva and food.