What Is Dental plaque, its risk, and the ways to get rid of the problem?


    What Is Dental plaque, its risk, and the ways to get rid of the problem?

    What is Dental plaque?

    Dental plaque is a sticky and clear film that forms on teeth, between teeth, below and above the gum line. It is important to remove it regularly because it can lead to dental problems. Plaque can form all over the mouth but they can get accumulated in and around the molar deep crevices. Although this problem is colourless it can make your teeth feel fuzzy or rough.

    It can have additional symptoms like red swollen gums, bad breath, and discolouration. The risk of dental plaque increases when you are not able to get dental care on time and you do not take proper care of your teeth. If you are facing this problem then you need to consult the dental clinic right away.

    How is plaque formed?

    Plaque is caused by allowing food and drink to remain on the teeth following eating. If you do not brush and floss then it can cause the plaque to remain on the tooth surface especially which is on the gum line.

    Plaque requires bacteria, food particles, carbohydrates, and saliva. After the person eats carbohydrates it can combine with the natural bacteria to create an acid. When the acid combines with saliva and old food particles in another chemical reaction it can result in microbial substances to get hard and sticky. This is known as dental plaque.

    What are the risks and problems of dental plaque?

    If you don’t brush regularly, then these acids can begin to eat away the tooth enamel, destroying it and it can cause tooth decay which can lead to tooth abscesses. If the plaque develops on the tooth roots under the gum line then the acid can break down the bone which gives support to the tooth.

    A dental plaque near the gum line is referred to as gingivitis which is a mild form of gum disease. Dental plaque stays on the teeth for several days which can become a hard and dense substance which is known as tartar or calculus.

    How to get rid of plaque?

    Plaque is not going to go away completely but this can be controlled with good oral hygiene and visit the dentist. You must remove it regularly before the acid begins to result in tooth decay and it can cause gum disease.

    Proper brushing and flossing for around 2 minutes is the best way to remove plaque. You should buy an electric toothbrush to remove plaque. You need to brush after every meal and before bedtime. It is important to consult the dental care professional every 6 months and get a dental exam & X-ray to understand the importance of cleaning.