Research Finds relation between oral cancer and poor oral hygiene


    Research Finds relation between oral cancer and poor oral hygiene

    A good oral health is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. If you have bad oral hygiene, then you will surely experience severe dental problems such as oral cancer as well. In this condition, you must visit the dentist so that you can get proper check-up and treatment according to your condition.

    Good oral health leads you to a healthy lifestyle. So, it is necessary for you to go for a dental check-up, so that you can get detailed information about your oral health.

    Well, millions of people are suffering from several serious oral problems due to poor oral hygiene. Oral cancer is one of them, that is caused due to bad oral habits. Let’s understand it in detail.

    What is Oral Cancer?

    Well, our body has millions of cells, that can grow, multiply and die. We all have a certain amount of cancer cells as well, but they do not work as we think and these become abnormal over time. In addition to this, oral cancer occurs when a cell that is present in the mouth become abnormal. These abnormal or cancer cells attack other healthy cells and lead to damage to nearby tissues as well. You may not know that our mouth is known as oral cavity, this oral cavity involves lips, the inner portion of cheeks, gums, teeth, the bottom of your mouth, and the part of the tongue. Well, oral cancer usually affects 3 main mouthparts such as the lips, tongue, and inner part of the mouth.

    Oral cancer not only affects these 3 parts but also affect your throat and back part of the mouth. This type of oral cancer is known as Oropharyngeal cancer. In this condition, you need to visit a dental clinic for treatment. Only a dentist can recommend you the best treatment according to your condition.

    Symptoms and Risk Factors for Oral Cancer

    The most common sign of oral cancer is soreness. There are several other signs of oral cancer include-:

    • Chronic mouth pain
    • Pain in the teeth or jaw
    • Loose teeth
    • White or red patches in the mouth area,
    • Swallowing or chewing problems
    • A lump in the neck
    • Chronic bad breath

    A recent study reveals the relation between Bad Oral Hygiene and Oral Cancer

    A recent study shows that there is a great relation between oral cancer and poor oral hygiene. If you do not have good oral health, then it will surely lead you to oral cancer. Well, people who chew tobacco are at greater risk of oral cancer.

    So, you need to quit chewing tobacco, in order to reduce the risk of oral cancer. In addition to this, you must go with a healthy diet, and brush your teeth twice a day. You can also go with dental flossing, it will help you to reduce the risk of oral problems.