What are the reasons to pick a dental bridge over implants to replace missing teeth?


    What are the reasons to pick a dental bridge over implants to replace missing teeth?

    If your teeth are missing, oral health issues beyond tooth decay can easily develop, such as periodontal diseases and speech impediments. If you want to get rid of this problem, you need to talk to the dentist in a dental clinic in Ludhiana. He may recommend a teeth bridge, which is additionally known as a dental bridge.

    Let’s start with the definition of the dental bridge.

    What is bridge dental?

    According to the Osseointegration Academy, a dental bridge is a device that moved into the mouth to cover a gap caused by missing teeth. The “abutment teeth” of this bridge are placed to either side of the bridge to have an anchor and it can be connected to either the actual teeth or crowns. Your dentist places “pontic teeth” selectively on the surface, behind the teeth on the abutment.

    How are dental bridges differ from dental implants?

    Dental Implants consist of posts made of tubes or cylinders, which are inserted into your jawbone by surgery. Prosthetic teeth should then be placed on-post independently to take the position to prevent the complications that are typically correlated with tooth decay, states the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP). Having fit devices in mind is a much more complex operation that involves surgery. You won’t have to fear if you put the crowns or attach a bridge on your teeth in outstanding shape.

    What are the reasons to pick a dental bridge over implants?

    To certain dentists, the dental implant is sometimes chosen to remove a damaged tooth over the dental bridge. Though this is the rule, a bridge will always be the best option in cases. The effectiveness of dental implants, although in certain conditions, is quite strong, but not in all conditions.


    Dental implants are particularly expensive as compared to dental bridges. They are worth the commitment over the long run. However, dental implants are prohibitive for certain individuals. On the other side, dental bridges are more accessible because everyone can afford them. Whilst implant esthetics can be stronger, dental bridges are also an ideal substitute for damaged teeth or teeth.

    Health Conditions

    Dental implants are painful and require an oral implant operation. It is recommendable to find a particular approach to remove missing teeth with a few health problems. When a person wants a fixed appliance instead of a removable partial tooth, the dental bridge is a very suitable alternative. Severe osteoporosis is an example of a disease that prevents a dental implant recommendation. That is periodontal disorder.

    Advantages of getting dental bridges over implants

    • Dental bridges are typically low, small, light, and provide excellent control comfort.
    • It’s normally simple and comfortable to get used to a fresh dental bridge.
    • Helps hold your face shape.
    • Checks as well as control the movements of adjacent teeth.