How to get Rid of Crooked Teeth?


    How to get Rid of Crooked Teeth?

    Crooked teeth can be embarrassing but they can be cosmetic issues. In most cases, it makes it difficult to chew the food properly and they can trigger the injury because your jaw is not able to get the proper support they need. In this guide, we are going to tell you how the crooked teeth can be fixed.

    Crooked and misaligned teeth are very common. Many children and adults are facing the issue. If you are having an issue with not having the teeth aligned then you can do so by using different options. This way it will add charm and personality to your smile. Getting your teeth aligned or solving the speech issues will help you feel more confident about as the teeth look attractive and straight.

    What the Orthodontics can do?

    There are various ways in which the dentist can help. You need to make sure to book your appointment at the best dental clinic to get the issue addressed in the right manner.

    Orthodontics will examine the teeth and jaws along with check the bite or occlusion which means the way the teeth meet with each other.

    It might be possible they take the X-rays and also your teeth impression. This way the doctor will get a proper diagnosis so solve the problem which needs correction.

    Are the braces going to be visible?

    The best thing about the latest orthodontics you will get the braces that are not easily visible. This means you do not need to worry about the ugly looking saddled tracks. With the advanced technology, the problem will be solved within 4 months or it might even take years depending on the situation. Usually, the high-tech treatment takes a few months to a year to solve the issue of crooked teeth. The doctor will let you know whether the option of fixed braces which have clear ceramic brackets or invisible clear aligners will be best for you.

    Which option is best: Removable or Fixed?

    • The fixed option gives incredible precise movements and they help in addressing the complex issues. The fixed braces are fast as it will move the tooth crown along with tooth root. In case the option of fixed braces does not suit you them the option of removable appliances can be best.
    • The option of removable aligners is best as they can be taken out when you want to brush or floss or want to eat something. This way the treatment goes smoothly and also the results are best. It is worn for 2 weeks before the new sets are exchanged to move the teeth to their right position.

    Talk to your doctor

    Your doctor will let you know what solution is best for you and it will keep your teeth healthy. If you have any doubt then book your initial consultation today only.