How are eating disorders known for affecting the mouth? What to do?


    How are eating disorders known for affecting the mouth? What to do?

    Eating Disorders & Dental Health

    Eating Disorders are common and essential to be addressed on time. Having such a condition is likely to affect oral health in all the wrong ways. Several eating disorders like bulimia, anorexia, and binge eating, affect oral health. In some cases, the problem is minimal, and sometimes it can be severe. Being categorized as such a serious concern, all the red flags must be considered, and taking the best possible care is essential. If you have any dental issues, then visit one of the top-rated Dental Clinic in Ludhiana to transform your dental health with the right approach and address the issue on time. Now, let’s look at all the eating disorders that can negatively affect oral health.

    What is anorexia?

    Anorexia is the disorder when a person limits their food intake and even the amount of liquid they consume. They do this because it fears them they might start to gain weight. Individuals with this issue think that their calorie intake is way too much or prevents them from eating any food. To do this, they opt for an option like:

    • Exercise
    • Vomiting
    • Taking Laxatives
    • Using Enemas

    It’s like the combination of all these factors will affect oral health.

    Bear in mind!

    If you keep ignoring the issue, then there might be an urgent need to get the treatment for Tooth Filling in Punjab to correct the problem of tooth decay, or any other approach might be required.

    What is Bulimia?

    Bulimia nervosa is the condition when you want to binge eat & it is noticed through the pattern of binge-purge. Basically, the individuals are taking an excessive amount of calories in one go and begin to exercise too much to force themselves to vomit. Sometimes the problem might go unnoticed.

    How can eating disorders affect dental health negatively?

    With a vast type of eating disorder, it is all-important to check which ones can affect the health. Being careful about the same and taking necessary measures on time is essential. One of its significant effects is nutrient and vitamin deficiency which will make the body shut down & it has issues functioning the right way. The same effect will show on the teeth. Some of the significant oral signs of eating disorder are:

    • Enamel erosion
    • Dry mouth
    • Enlarged salivary glands
    • Cracked/dry lips
    • Mouth sores
    • Tooth decay
    • Sensitive teeth
    • Bruising and injury to the mouth

     How is it essential to consult the dentist for an eating disorder?

    Initial consultation with the dentist is essential, and that too is on time. If you try to avoid the situation continuously or don’t take prompt dental treatment, then the problem will get worse. During a regular dental check-up, the dentist will look at all the possible signs and even ask you about the excess sugar consumption or what sort of dietary habits you follow. In case there’s an issue, then you will be given the treatment accordingly.