What are the different types of best dental specialists?


    What are the different types of best dental specialists?

    The dentist is a health expert who is known for performing routine examination, cleaning, and occasional filling. But, do you know there is a lot more a dentist in Ludhiana can do? A dentist is known for fulfilling several roles and taking care of your oral health. Dental specialists are someone who has performed special training to understand your health in a better manner. Well! There are different types of dental specialists, and according to your health, you can consult the best one. Let’s understand each of them in detail.

    Dental Specialist 1: Endodontist – Root Canal Specialist

    If the tooth pulp is infected or the tooth interior is damaged or disease, then consulting the general dentist will help you make the entire condition better. Inside the teeth, there are tiny cavern-like passages known as canals which contain sensitive pulp, nerves, and blood vessels. The endodontist is the dentist who is known for diagnosing and treating the issues present in the sensitive interior. Moreover, they can diagnose tooth pain and do a root canal on the diseased teeth.

    Dental specialist 2: Oral and maxillofacial surgeon

    This type of dentist treats the issues related to the hard and soft tissues on the face, jaw, and mouth. For every oral surgery, you aren’t a dental specialist. They have the expertise to perform complex procedures or procedures in which the patient needs to get a deep level of sedation. Such types of dental specialists can perform procedures like corrective jaw surgery, tooth extraction, and cleft palate surgery.

    Dental specialist 3: Orthodontist: Alignment specialist

    These types of dental specialists are known for correcting the teeth and jaw position. In case, you have an underbite, overbite, or crossbite due to the misaligned jaw. Moreover, they are even experienced to correct the issue of misaligned or crooked teeth. For the treatment, the doctor can suggest you the options like:

    • Braces

    • Clear aligners

    • Palatal expanders

    • Headgear

    Dental Specialist 4: Pediatric dentist

    Pediatric dentists are for the child’s oral health and they are the ones who will take care of your oral & dental care. They are the ones who will ensure that your child’s oral health is always online and if there is any problem then they will suggest the right treatment plan. Just make sure that you take your child for the oral health checkup from time to time to make them have the smile they always wanted.

    Dental Specialist 5: Periodontist: Gum Specialist

    The Periodontist is the dental health specialist who prevents, diagnoses, and treats the problem affecting the gums and other teeth structure. They are the ones who are experts in the dentistry area. They are the ones who provide treatment for the early stage of gum disease. If needed, they can perform the surgery to correct the oral problem you have.

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