Everything you need to know about root canal treatment in Punjab


    Everything you need to know about root canal treatment in Punjab

    Root Canal Treatment

    Most patients do get scared on hearing the thought of having root canal treatment. Although when the procedure is done carefully and under the advanced setup of a dental clinic, the safety and effectiveness automatically increase. So, if your tooth is decayed and extremely infected, then the root canal procedure allows you to address the problem effectively by all possible means.

    What do I need for root canal treatment?

    Sometimes you just have a toothache, and the dentist asks you to get a root canal. This is because the problem eliminates the bacterial infection and won’t lead to infection in the future. Additionally, the root canal allows reducing the infection from spreading further.

    How much is the cost of root canal treatment?

    On average, the root canal treatment cost is around Rs 1500. Depending on your condition, the doctor will give you the exact root canal cost during the initial consultation.

    Always keep in mind to consult the dentist for an initial consultation. Even if you want to get the dental implant Ludhiana or any other dental treatment, only the doctor will tell you better what your condition demands.

    What happens if I don’t get the tooth treatment?

    Are you ignoring your pain and discomfort? Well, don’t ignore it for too long otherwise, it will not get worse, and over time, the chances of pus and gum disease are higher. If the infection keeps on building up, it’s easier to notice swelling around the neck, eyes, and face. Moreover, the chances of tooth loss are higher.

    What are the symptoms of getting root canal treatment?

    Here are some of the common signs and symptoms that you need root canal treatment:

    • Extreme soreness and pain in the tooth
    • Abscess forming or pus noticed from adjacent gums to the tooth which has an infection
    • Problem eating or chewing your food
    • Severe pain due to eating and drinking
    • Extremely sensitive to cold and hot food as well as drinks

    3 Stages: What happens during root canal treatment?

    The root canal treatment includes three significant steps and that are:

    Stage Description
    Stage 1:


    The dentist places a clamp and rubber dam to perform the initial cleaning as a root canal treatment. The cleaning allows for controlling the infection. The procedure takes 20 to 45 minutes.
    Stage 2:


    Necessary instrumentation get’s placed to ensure the spread of bacteria is under control and there’s no pain. The procedure takes 30 to 60 minutes.
    Stage 3:

    Obturation (after teeth becomes pain-free)

    The dentist places instruments like clamps and rubber dams. Once the tooth is pain-free, the doctor performs further steps. The dentist uses special material to seal the above layer. The procedure takes 30 to 60 minutes or more.


     How can I prevent the need to get root canal treatment?

    Here are some important steps to prevent the chances of getting root canal treatment:

    • Brush the teeth two times and floss daily
    • Get a dental check-up every six months. Maintain your dental health to avoid chances of getting problems again.
    • If the dentist tells you to get a filling, then get it done right away. Keeping on neglecting the condition only makes it worse.