Dental Treatments available under one roof


    Dental Treatments available under one roof

    A toothache is one of the painful things in the world and worst of it all is that it is not silent. When you have an exposed vein or damaged tooth, the effect is felt whenever you eat or drink, especially with cold or hot foods.

    Having frequent dental checkups and following the dentist’s advice is an ultimate solution to the various dental problems faced today.

    Finding a good dental clinic is quite hard, especially where you will get all the necessary treatment and facilities. The best dental clinic in Punjab offers a number of services some of which are;

    Root Canal Treatment

    Root canal treatment is necessary in the following cases

    • When the pulp is infected after an injury or tooth decay
    • When you see a dark color on the tooth or teeth, which means that the nerve of the tooth is dying or already dead

    Root canal treatment has to be an immediate treatment most times diagnosed after a checkup due to the fact that there may be no symptoms in the early stages. In advanced stages, an abscess may occur which causing swelling of the tissue. One will experience pain and tenderness of the tooth when taking bites and if treatment is not done, one will lose the tooth or teeth

    Dental Implants

    Modern techniques have developed better dental implants made from titanium capable of bonding with the bone. This implant supports the bridge, denture or the crown in a process known as Osseointegration. This process requires time for the implant to properly heal before the crown or bridge is placed on top. Planning is required and there may be a need for bone grafting if not adequate.

    O.P.G complete mouth X-rays

    Full mouth rehabilitation is necessary in cases of

    • Temporomandibular joint problems
    • Worn out teeth
    • Damaged or missing teeth

    Proper treatment is necessary since negligence will cause hardships in chewing, smiling, gastrointestinal upsets

    • Pain and headaches
    • And eventually facial collapse

    Tooth or teeth Extraction

    The Maxillofacial surgeon removes the tooth or wisdom teeth after the administration of local anaesthesia. A thorough examination is necessary and in the case of an infection, the dentist or surgeon will delay until the infection is gone.

    Aesthetic Dentistry

    The surgeon will use porcelain veneers or either orthodontics or both to correct or straighten the teeth. Modern braces can be used even in cases of crowded teeth to help you get a new smile

    Pediatric dentistry

    Today children are more faced with dental problems due to improper care and the foods they eat. Tooth decay is also a common problem that can create a lifetime toothache and complications.

    Teeth whitening & bleaching

    Teeth whitening is a simple procedure that even an individual can carry out at home. It involves removing discoloration or debris on the teeth. Bleaching, on the other hand, is a comprehensive procedure that is done at the clinic with specialized instruments. Treatments that contain Carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide are sued.

    Other services include;

    • Fixing crown, bridges or full mouth dentures
    • Braces

    And lastly treatment of facial injuries