What are the topmost benefits of teeth straightening with the use of clear aligners?


    What are the topmost benefits of teeth straightening with the use of clear aligners?

    Ludhiana dental dentist can provide you with the clear aligners in a convenient method to make your teeth straight. If you dream of having a straight smile but do not want to deal with the traditional braces then wear the aligners which makes the best possible option.

    Clear aligners are similar to the clear retainers which help to surround the teeth. They work in the same manner as traditional braces. The difference is that they are not fixed to the teeth like the metal brackets. To make the teeth move in the right manner, you need to switch the aligners every 2 weeks and each aligner is different from others to keep the teeth straight. Make sure to visit the dental clinic on time for a better understanding of how the treatment works.


    What are the topmost benefits of wearing the aligners?

    • Keep the aligners in the case when you brush and floss

    When you have to brush the teeth, you need to take the aligners out. You need to rinse them and keep them in the case when you want to floss and brush. Make sure to brush the teeth every time you eat something so that the food particles do not get trapped in the teeth and aligners. Make sure to floss at least once every day. To get the best results, you need to use the electronic toothbrush along with fluoride toothpaste.

    • Take them out when you want to eat meals

    Patients can take out the aligners when they want to eat the meals. People who wear aligners can take a bit of burger or eat any other thing without worrying that food can get stuck in between the brackets. Getting the food particles stuck in between the braces is one of the reasons people avoid braces.

    • Aligners won’t tell you are undergoing orthodontics treatment

    When you wear the aligners, you can smile without being conscious as no one can tell you are getting orthodontics treatment. Your smile looks better and obvious as the aligners are clear and the teeth position can be checked.

    This is a major benefit as the teeth become straight and the appearance will improve. If you want to go to the wedding or have a presentation at work then you can take the aligners out. Just make sure to put them back as soon as you are done and the treatment plan is on schedule.


    Use of clear aligners

    Clear aligners are beneficial in many ways, and some of the benefits are mentioned below:

    • You can brush the teeth like normal
    • You can also eat your favourite food without any stress.
    • You will gain your confidence back and smile without any tension.
    • You can take them if you have to attend an important function.