Are You Aged Over 55? This is What Dental Implants Can Offer You!


    Are You Aged Over 55? This is What Dental Implants Can Offer You!

    As you age, the incidence of requiring for dental implants increases. Ideally, statistics have depicted that a majority of adults aged 53 and above is living with one or more dental implants. It’s not a trend, but rather an effective oral solution to a number of dental complications and risks.

    What Dental Implants Offer To The Ageing Individuals!

    What Dental Implants Offer To The Ageing Individuals!

    It’s automatic that as you age, many changes are witnessed, i.e. physically and psychologically and the same applies to oral health. Losing teeth with age advancement is common and the available dental solutions include;

    • Using bridges
    • Filling the gap with a partial denture
    • Getting dental implants

    Living with gaps in the mouth is highly disapproved generally because of the risks it is associated with. So, this is why you should get dental implants.

    • Support Provision

    Once your tooth is lost, the nearby teeth are left unguarded and they can easily fall out. Although dental bridges are commonly used as prosthetic devices, they can’t provide a reliable support to the nearby teeth. This genuine support is only provided by dental implants.

    • Guarding Yourself Against Dental Problems

    The gaps in your mouth will do nothing except to pave a way for infections, bone and tissue loss, unintended injuries, instability, and potentially leading to tooth extraction in the future.

    • A Permanent Solution & Reliable

    Implants are the only permanent solution to missing teeth in dentistry. Ideally, you are presented with a number of implant solutions that can last a lifetime. Contemporary dental implant types are associated with a reliable longevity and when professionally introduced in the mouth, they will serve you for decades.

    • A Quality Life

    Aging doesn’t mean you have to bear its effects and in fact, there is a comprehensive range of procedures that eliminate the aging effects. In dentistry, dental implants play a vital role in eliminating the unappealing appearance when you smile.

    In case self-conscious, this can obviously hinder you from expressing your previously beautiful smile. In the real sense, your quality of life is also affected since you can’t enjoy a variety of foods like before.

    Dental Implant Surgical Approaches in Ageing Individuals

    Dental Implant Surgical Approaches in Ageing Individuals

    A dental implant procedure is an individualized procedure and involves a number of aspects. Contemporary dental implant procedures require enough bone and in case insufficient, the doctor will opt for bone grafting.

    Your surgery procedure is also influenced by the number of dental implants you need. A single dental implant procedure is a bit easy, but in case you have multiple missing teeth, an All-on-4 dental implants procedure is recommended.

    Visit the best dental clinic in India to ascertain your surgical options and get your implants perfectly introduced.