Are Titanium Dental Implants 100% Safe?


    Are Titanium Dental Implants 100% Safe?

    Titanium dental implants are indeed the first alternative in constructive dentistry. It is said that more than 40% of Americans have dental implants beginning from the teenagers to aging men and women. In the real sense, dental implants are titanium implants that bond with the natural bone in the mouth and the process is called Osseointegration. A periodontist will have to embed a titanium implant that is later on covered by a crown to cover the gap during the second visit at the best dental clinic in Ludhiana.

    However, there is a negative side of this practice that is branded as the perfect solution to missing teeth. Introducing foreign metals into the bone tissue of the mouth, which is 100% connected to the rest of the body may cause various negative consequences such as asthma and nasal inflammation, especially to those who are allergic to these metals.

    Understanding Titanium Dental Implants

    Titanium implants are alloys since they are comprised of different metals such as nickel, iron, lead, zinc, and copper. Many patients who are unaware about their allergic status towards these metals find themselves in a dilemma because of the side effects that are triggered once the implants are embedded into the mouth, therefore, a thorough evaluation is necessary before they are fixed

    Considerations can be made before attaining the treatment and that is by remembering of any incidence where you get body reactions to things like coins, bracelets, earrings, sunglasses, metal zippers and so on.

    In case you witnessed redness, itching, dermatitis, or blisters, that means that the titanium implants could have related effects on you.

    Possible side effects of Titanium Dental Implants

    Apart from the above-mentioned effects of the alloys, the titanium dental implants can trigger the following;

    • Bone loss

    • Autoimmune disease aggravation

    • Infections

    • Failure

    • Galvanic toxicity

    • Free radical damage

    • Injury

    Possible Solutions besides Titanium Dental Implants

    Much as you may desire titanium dental implants, you may have to undergo an eligibility checkup before attaining the dental implants treatment in India. In case the pros outweigh the cons, then you can continue with the treatment plan

    On the other side, Zirconia or Ceramic implants can replace titanium dental implants since they are metal-free and biocompatible.

    Zirconia implants provide the desired comfort and longevity and as well risks of corrosion, unlike the titanium dental implants. The Zirconia implants are non-conductive meaning patients are protected from electrical charges that can alter the body

    Other advantages of Zirconia Implants include;

    • Aesthetic reasons

    • They are white

    • They provide a sense of a natural tooth

    • They offer a one-piece design that reduces the risks of bacteria growth and infections

    Considering the different dental solutions today, one can attain the best treatment after a diagnosis of various aspects of his or her dental needs.

    Dental specialists believe that the negative side of dental implants isn’t widely known to individuals and that is the main reason as to why dental implants are commonly attained, but they can be fixed effectively to prevent various side effects.