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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is preferred for curing infected and damaged pulp from your teeth.  The gap among the hard layers is called root canal system that is filled by soft dental pulp of nerves and blood vessels that improve your tooth growth.

Tooth attack

When a cavity or crack occurs in your teeth, it gives space for organism growth due to which your tooth becomes more severe. An infection in the tooth causes further infection in the pulp and if it occurs, it should be removed. Infection can be found by x –ray or due to variation in the tooth structure. If the infection is ignored, it can cause severe dental problems.

Who can do Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment can be performed by an endodontist who is a specialist in treating the dental pulp or nerve. If your kid’s primary tooth is damaged, you need to consult with pediatric dentist who has minimum 2 years of experience in treating children tooth problems.

Root canal treatment

  1. Dentist offers a local anesthesia
  2. Then a rubber dam is placed around the target tooth to secure it from infection during the procedure
  3. An opening is created in tooth to reach the root canal and affected pulp
  4. By using fine dental systems, pulp is removed by cleaning and extending the root canal
  5. After cleaning the canal, it is filled and sealed
  6. Finally the opened part of the tooth is filled

After performing the treatment, the target tooth is restored so that it can look and function like a natural tooth. An endodontist fills the tooth by temporary filling and recommend you a prosthodontist for tooth restoration. Your dentist may use permanent filling or crown, the choice is based on your tooth strength. Crown is required in back tooth to enable the treated tooth to chew easily. In case of lack of tooth part, posts can be used for crown support.

Your tooth is still prone to cavity or gum problem even after the treatment. The procedure doesn’t assure your protection of your tooth from damage or infection. So, you should consult with your dentist for proper care and maintain it as long as other teeth. A tooth corrected by root canal procedure can be saved. The treatment is successful in most of the cases, only in rare situations, second treatment is required when the filling material is extracted, and canal is recleaned, reshaped and refilled.


We are specialized for providing treatment to repair and save the damaged or infected tooth instead of replacing it. This specialized treatment is known as endodontics or root canal treatment. Our best team of professional experts removes the damage area of tooth and then proceeds to clean, disinfect, filling and sealing the infected area of tooth.

We ensure the painless single sitting with less Cost Of Root Canal Treatment In Ludhiana, Punjab. We offer the treatment at affordable prices without any compromise of quality. We provide treatment with best dental equipments, latest techniques with international standards of sterilization and cross infection control but within the pockets of patients.

Visit us to get exact cost estimation for the root canal treatment before the procedure.

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