If your Child has the Habit of Thumb Sucking Then Can be at Higher Risk of Dental Problem


If your Child has the Habit of Thumb Sucking Then Can be at Higher Risk of Dental Problem

We commonly see children and infants keep their thumb in mouth and such it for just fun sake and even by seeing the thumb sucking baby, we consider it normal reflex and cute activity of baby but the studies have claimed that this innocently done activity can take your child at the risk of the dental problem.

For children thumb sucking is the coping mechanism for anxiety as due to thumb sucking they feel calm and sooth and help him in sleeping according to your child’s mentality and even parents ignore this activity as they think that their child is happy but reality can be different. Thumb sucking can become the major problem for the teeth of your children as not only it can affect the alignment of teeth but also cause other issues.

So it is important to understand the problem and the ways to tackle this issue

When does thumb sucking become a problem?


When does thumb sucking become a problem?

Some children are aggressive thumb suckers, for such children this activity can create major problems. Generally, parents think that with the time the habit of thumb sucking will get diminish but it may or may not happen. According to the dental experts, there is not an exact time to start discouraging your child to stop this habit as it is good to discourage this behavior in the early stage of childhood.

If your child has the habit of keeping thumb or finger for the longer time in mouth then it can affect adversely to the teeth alignment and even some other dental issues like the weakness of particular gums or teeth due to thumb sucking may happen.

What to do?

If your child has the habit of thumb sucking aggressively then it is good to visit the best dental clinic in Canada to get the best advice to solve the issue otherwise to discourage this habit you can take the following steps

  1. You can positively motivate your child by praising and giving some gifts to stop this habit
  2. You can understand the reason of child’s anxiety that leads him to suck thumb so can cope up accordingly by solving his anxiety issue.
  3. You can cover the thumb of the child with a bandage or cloth to discourage him
  4. Even you can take measures like applying some bitter solution on the thumb to discourage your child from thumb sucking.

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