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Inman Aligners for quick teeth alignment

Many people suffer from crooked teeth such as adults as well as kids also have misaligned teeth. Aligners are the most commonly used procedure for treatment of this issue.

How Inman aligners are different from the Invisalign brace

  1. Invisalign braces consist of fully transparent material whilst Inman are made from partially transparent material.
  2. The equipment operates by pull-push method, the metal spring on the lingual side and metal bar extends throughout the front side of teeth. Spring and bar put pressure to bring the teeth in the desired position by forcing them.

Benefits of Inman Aligners

  1. As compare to other bracing methods, Inman aligners come with the shortest treatment time length that is only 2 – 3 months
  2. It doesn’t affect your routine and also do not need you to be self-conscious for a long time.
  3. The aligners are removable similar to ordinary Invisalign. So it offers the full access to teeth to maintain their cleanliness
  4. Clean and floss your teeth in a natural manner
  5. The inman aligner cost in India is lower than invisible braces



  1. Inman aligners are partially transparent so they are visible like general braces.
  2. It is not fit for various dental problems due to its specific limitations
  3. Nominal pain and too much saliva development
  4. In order to receive the faster results, you should wear the aligners more frequently and for longer time


Cost of Inman Aligner

It is more cost-effective than Invisalign braces however it comes with a few drawbacks. The factors that decide the cost of Inman aligners are: facilities offered at clinic, orthodontist experience, treatment level etc.

Inman aligner bracing procedure

The procedure is similar to the general bracing. You should meet your dentist and get a complete diagnosis and offer the toot impression. The mould received helps the designer to make the cast of your teeth. The braces are placed on your tooth once they are ready for use. Now you should check your comfortable level. However it seems inconvenient for few days to wear the braces but soon it becomes natural. Initially problems in speaking and salivation occur that improve with the time.

You need to wear the braces only for about four months that is much less duration than general braces. Also the results received by these braces are superior to ordinary braces. So it is more advantageous than other options.

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