Dental implants is the advanced treatment done to restore the perfect smile with perfect shaped teeth. Dental implants are the metal posts that are surgically positioned into the jawbone to mount the replacement teeth onto them.

These implants fuse the jawbone and provide stable support to the artificial teeth placed at the position of missing tooth. Patients with the healthy gums and the strong bone support can get benefit from dental implants. These are best method to replace the missing tooth however the techniques for dental implants may vary according to the stages categorized on the basis of surgery and techniques used.


  1. One stage dental implant
  2. Two stage dental implant

Both dental implants differs from each other as follows


1. In this procedure implant can be done in one time surgery


In this type second surgery is required
2. Requirement for margin of safety is lower for this procedure It is done only when there is no immediate need for the cosmetic solution and margin of safety is higher
3. Healing abutment is placed at the time of treatment.  Abutment is a connector that attaches the implant from mouth and bone. This abutment protrudes through the gum tissues In this procedure implant is placed into jawbone and gum tissues cover them. The implants are not exposed to the mouth and stay buried.
4. Healing period is 3 to 6 month and crown is placed on implant to restore the healthy, normal tooth . After healing the second surgery is performed  to attach the abutment to secure the crown at place
5. It is done when bone quality is good to ensure the implant stability This procedure is done when the bone quality id poorer nad there is necessity to regenerate bone around the implant  at the time of placement


6. This procedure is done when cosmetic is not concern means for the back areas of mouth Sometime it is done when there are some health considerations.


In both type of implants, patients can have safe treatment and advised not to subject an implant for biting force until the implants get fully healed. For both types of procedures there is requirement for the well experienced dentist so that surgery can be performed with positive outcomes. Depending on the situation, medical conditions either type of procedure is performed by the experienced team.

Both stage implants are safe but must be determined carefully so that feasibility can be enhanced depending on the condition of bone and patient’s requirement.

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