Missing tooth not only give imperfection to your mouth and attractive smile but also impact adversely to your ability of chewing food and talking so it is obvious and necessary to go for available solution to address this issue. Most common solution for the missing tooth is dental implants and the dentures however choosing between both can be difficult.

To make a right choice between the dentures and the dental implants it is necessary to get some information about both and to have comparative view of both solutions


Dentures are the false teeth made of material like acrylic, porcelain or cast metal that are designed to make fit into the space of missing tooth. These dentures are made according to the tooth shape, size and color so that patient can get the undetected look of mouth after treatment.


Dental implants are placed into the bone socket and jaw with surgical procedure that act like the artificial root for the replacement tooth. This treatment is done under the local anesthesia and is alternate solution for the patients that want permanent type of solution for their missing tooth.



Implants preserve the remaining jawbone and maintain your facial structure to retain your young look In this treatment jawbone quality can get hamper and can lead to further deterioration of facial structure
Restore natural feel and function of tooth Can give unnatural feel after treatment
Dental implants ensure the stability and comfort after treatment and give strong and secure fit Removable structures can often slip and move so can lead to discomfort
No adhesives and creams are used Creams and adhesives are required to fix structure
It is long lasting solution for missing tooth It can be temporary as there can be need to remake or reline
Easy to care and clean Difficult to clean as regular need to be removed for cleaning



As per above comparative view between the both replacement solutions, it is quite obvious that both treatment also differ at the cost end. Cost of dentures in India is lesser as these are removable solution for the missing tooth. After some time there can be       need for dentures to be remade and relined.

Cost of dental implants in India can be higher as compared to the dentures but as dental implants are the lifetime investment and permanent solution for missing tooth that can restore natural look and perfect smile, so this cost is justified.

Schedule your appointment with us to know more about the cost and more detail about the procedure so that you can make rational choice between the two.

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